• Metal Constructions

    Production and Sale of metal constructions

  • Products of stainless steel

    We produce various products of stainless steel.

  • Montage

    Completed installation of hydro-power plant in Macedonia (Pelton turbine), Albania (Francis turbine) and South Korea (Kaplan turbine). Soon new projects in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Romania, Rwanda and Panama.

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  • Our team

    Our team includes young people of different professions.We strive to be better quality, more professional and create a reliable impression to customers. Our customers are our business partners, whose needs we are trying to adapt and find the most suitable and most economical solution in each business sector.


The vision of the company is to become the best employer and producer in the region.

The mission of the company Č.J. d.o.o. is to produce with enthusiasm products in very good quality and furthermore to improve society in which we live and work with our engagement.

Guided by our core values reliability and flexibility, we daily strive to respond to our customers' requirements, to exceed their expectations if possible and to achieve promising results together with our customers.

The business success of the company Č.J. d.o.o. is based on the satisfaction of our customers and the fulfilment of the expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and the community in which we operate.

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this through the quality of the services and products we provide, punctual deliveries and rapid response to questions and concerns. In doing so, our company focuses on meeting the requirements of our customers as well as all legal and any other regulations that are important to us. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that all informations regarding our services and products are accessible at all times.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is good organisation, innovative ideas, well-trained and motivated employees and very good work discipline, the non-observance of which we regard as one of the most serious forms of violation of our work responsibility.

All employees are obliged to:

- work continuously on improving the satisfaction of our customers

- all employees are obliged to work continuously on improving the team spirit within the company

- take measures on their own responsibility to achieve the set goals and to constantly improve the quality of our products

- comply with the legal and all other relevant regulations, internal company standards as well as national and international standards for protecting nature and the environment

An essential segment of our quality policy is the insistence on the continuous training of all employees with the aim of encouraging the independence, creativity and innovative spirit of each employee in order to meet and exceed the requirements of our business partners.

We are deeply convinced that human potential is the most important factor for success and progress. Only properly selected, motivated and satisfied employees can contribute to the long-term success of our company.


ISO 9001 Management system certificate_2019

EN 1090 Certificate

Certificate EN ISO 3834-2

About US...

C.J. d.o.o.
Mlinska bb
77000 Bihac
Bosna i Hercegovina
Telefon: +387 037 313 202
E-mail: info@cj-doo.com


The company "Č.J." doo was founded in 1996, and since 2005 the main activity is production of metal constructions, switching elements, and various types of stainless steel products. We have a large number of specialized machines for metal processing (cutting, bending, turning), as well as welding-type MMA (eng. Manual Metal Arc Welding), MIG (eng. Metal Inert Gas), MAG (eng. Metal Active Gas) and TIG (eng. Tungsten Inert Gas). Our team consists of young people who are trained and specialized to perform all kinds of activities in the field of metal industry.

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